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Lillian Roxon

Lillian Roxon was a well-known columnist, music critic and author from Australia. She achieved international fame when she came to New York City in the early 1960s. By the late 1960s, she was friends with many Rock musicians and others associated with the music scene at the time. Her greatest achievement was "Lillian Roxon's Rock Encyclopedia", the first of its kind, published in 1969. As a Rock enthusiast, I bought the book and read it for days and days, referring to it for several years. In 1971, I began to write down my memories of The Beatles, analyzing their success and music. In late 1971/early 1972, I wrote to Lillian for advice on how to get my writing published. It was all new to me...I hadn't a clue. Amazingly, she wrote back to me. Thus began several letters and replies between us over a six month period. She was very generous with her time, offering me suggestions, giving me names of editors at various publishers as well literary agents. She was funny and quirky, inserting candid opinions about John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Bob Dylan. Unfortunately, a little over a year later, at the age of 41, she died from a severe asthma attack. You will find samples of those letters, and her psychedelic hand-printed envelopes, in the photos below.
"Lillian Roxon's Rock Encyclopedia" dust jacket
Lillian Roxon's envelopes
Lillian Roxon letter with John & Yoko reference
Lillian Roxon letter with Dylan & Lennon reference
Lillian Roxon letter with Beatles' Decca audition reference
Lillian Roxon postcard about Sgt Pepper
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