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Steve Leshin Christmas Cards

My friend, Steve Leshin, and I have known each other since 1973 when we both worked at the Stamford CT Social Security office. We were young, energetic, and during our lunch hour we would look at the pretty girls shopping at Macy's (did I just say that out loud?) However, being a Claims Representative was merely a disguise for Steve. At heart, he is really an excellent cartoonist and author. Steve has had success in placing his cartoons in various trade publications, and has two books to his credit (see "Catone Links" on this website about Steve's books). He also taught cartoon drawing courses at a local college near Hartford CT. On several occasions, Steve made drawings for the Catone family Christmas cards. We gave Steve an idea for each year's card, and he came up with an original illustration. In this album are three of them, all centered around my daughter Amanda at age 5, 7, and 13 respectively. As you can see, the cards were illustrated well with Steve drawing Donna, Amanda and me exactly the way we looked at the time. The cards were happily received by our many friends and relatives. Recently, Steve Leshin retired from SSA, after almost 40 years. A well-earned retirement, indeed. So, thank you Steve for making our Holidays merry and bright...and oh yeah...thanks for expertly detailing the disappearance of my hairline over the years.
Steve Leshin Christmas Card 1991
Steve Leshin Christmas Card 1993
Steve Leshin Christmas Card 1999
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