The Sixties The Sixties As I Write This Letter My book about The Beatles and their fans, written by the fans for the fans. Original fan artwork, and my 2 cents mixed in. Originally published in 1982. See the Links section for link to "As I Write This Letter" at copyright: Marc Catone 2010 105989674 "As I Write This Letter" permission 8/7/81 Because "As I Write This Letter" is a lyric from a song, "P.S. I Love You", I had to pay $50 to use it as the title of my book. This is the first of two letters I received giving me permission. copyright: Marc A. Catone 2014 196638244 As I Write This Letter permission 8/25/81 Because "As I Write This Letter" is a lyric from a song, "P.S. I Love You", I had to pay $50 to use it as the title of my book. This is the second of two letters I received giving me permission. copyright: Marc A. Catone 2014 196638245 The Giant's Chair My Sixties fable written for those who lived through the times...a story of hope, dreams, disillusionment and redemption....with Adam Chance and Midnight Duke. See the Links section of my website for articles about "The Giant's Chair", and the link to the book on Now, also available in Kindle and Nook. ---copyright: Marc Catone 2010 106093219 Imagine mosaic in Central Park Located at the 72nd St entrance to Central Park is this mosaic embedded in the pavement of the sidewalk. A tribute to John Lennon at the beginning of the Strawberry Fields section of the park. 106314335 Shea Stadium ticket 1965 My ticket to The Beatles first concert at Shea Stadium in Flushing NY on August 15, 1965. See "Beatles/Sixties Articles" section of this website for my Beatlefan article about that concert. Copyright:Marc Catone 2010 106316009 Shea Stadium 1965 ticket (back) This is the back side of the 1965 Shea ticket for The Beatles 8/15/65 performance. Note the fine print about cancellation or postponement of the concert leading to a rescheduled date of 8/16/65. In the early books about The Beatles during the 70s and early 80s, that led many authors to state that there were two concerts given on 8/15, and 8/16. They didn't realize that the second date was only in the event of cancellation or postponement. See the "Beatles/Sixties Articles" section of this website to see my article about that concert. Copyright: Marc Catone 2010 107777015 Beatles concert at Shea Stadium 1965 A photo worthy of historical purposes only, certainly not for clarity. I took this photo from the Upper Deck at Shea Stadium on August 15, 1965. Taken with a Kodak Instamatic zoom lens back then. See the "Beatles/Sixties Articles" section of this website for my Beatlefan article about the concert. ---copyright: Marc Catone 2010 106316010 The Beatles' "HELP" movie...first in line. Many thanks to the folks at the Danbury Historical Museum in Danbury CT for finding this photo from their Danbury News-Times microfilm archives. The photo was taken on August 19, 1965 (printed on the front page of the August 20th edition) in front of the Empress Theater in Danbury as a bunch of teens, including my sister Sara, Gilberte (Bunny) Najamy, Lynne Paris, and yours truly awaited the first showing of The Beatles film, "Help". Not the greatest picture quality, but still a gem. Four days earlier, Sara, Gilberte and I had seen The Beatles at Shea Stadium. 202544241 Beatles Butcher Cover This is my copy of the famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) Beatles' "Yesterday and Today" album. This LP contained songs from the British versions of "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver", plus some songs released as singles only. It was a USA release only. Back then, British albums contained 14 songs, whereas US albums had only 12, which left songs to be gathered for the US market. The Beatles did not like this policy, but at that point there wasn't much they could do about it. So, for the "Yesterday and Today" album they chose an avant garde photo, which was part of a set taken by Robert Whitaker for a future album. He took a series of pictures of the group dressed in butcher smocks and draped with pieces of meat and body parts from plastic baby dolls. The Beatles decided to use one of the photos for "Yesterday and Today". This is where the story gets blurry...depending on who you listen to and which Beatle's memory you rely upon, they put the photo on the album to display their disgust with the songs being chopped off other albums, or it was a comment against the Vietnam War. Regardless, when the album was released in the Spring of 1966, there was an outpouring of disgust and rage against the photo. Most of the albums were withdrawn for sale, and a new kind of "blah" photo, with The Beatles sitting around a clothes trunk, was pasted on top of the original albums, and printed as the cover on newly pressed albums. This made the original albums quite rare, and ultimately worth a lot of money to collectors. The most valuable are the original albums, next in value are the albums with the pasteover Trunk cover, and the lesser valued ones are the ones that had the pasteover removed. The latter being more common, and that is the one I have.Someone removed the Trunk cover with many successive strips of tape. My good friend, Steve Leshin, found it at a Beatles related sale in CT in 1978, and knowing I was looking for the Butcher cover, called me to ask if I wanted it. The Butcher cover you see here cost $100, and I told him to buy it. $100 was hard to part with back then, but I've always considered it a great investment. And yes, I did pay Steve back for laying out the "C" note. ;-) copyright: Marc Catone, 2011 144135163 Shea Stadium ticket 1966 This is my sister Sara's ticket to the Beatles 1966 Shea Stadium performance on August 23, 1966. See the "Beatles/Sixties Articles" section of this website for my Beatlefan article about the concert. ---copyright: Marc Catone 2010 106316011 Beatles in concert at Shea Stadium 1966 OK, if you squint your eyes, you can almost make out the Fab Four on stage. I took this photo from the Field Level seats at Shea Stadium on August 23, 1966. Taken with a Kodak Instamatic camera, no zoom lens then. Oddly, The Beatles looked closer with the naked eye than with this photo...go figure. See the "Beatles/Sixties" section of this website for my Beatlefan article about the concert. ---copyright: Marc Catone 2010 106316012 The Doors at Danbury High School 1967 The Doors played in my high school auditorium in October 1967. I am 99% certain that the guy sitting at the far right in the audience is yours truly(back of head only). Morrison jumped off the stage in front of us at one point, and became infamous for damaging the stage with his microphone stand. I found this photo at the Western Connecticut State U. library's archives. My Alma Mater (Class of 1972). Read my memories of this concert by clicking on the "The Doors In Danbury" tab of this website. 106438086 Concert For Bangladesh ticket I was at the "Concert For Bangladesh" on August 1, 1971 at Madison Square Garden. This is my ticket stub. The original date was July 31st, and it was billed originally as "Harrison and Friends", but they changed the date to Sunday, 8/1, and had two performances. I was at the first concert in the afternoon. We had no idea Dylan was going to show up. What a thrill George, Ringo, and Bob. See "Concert for Bangladesh" section of this website for my 2011 Beatlefan article commemorating the 40th anniversary of the concert. ---copyright: Marc Catone 2010 106439366 One-to-One Concert ticket MSG Originally called the "Willowbrook Concert" in August 1972, its purpose was to stop the deplorable and unsanitary conditions at the Willowbrook facility for intellectually challenged children. What has come to be known as the "One to One" concert was organized by Geraldo Rivera, who enlisted the aid of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. There were two shows. I was at the evening show with my then fiancee(now wife) Donna, and our friend, Gilberte Najamy. Lennon was dynamic. Read my remembrances of the concert in the "One to One Concert" section of this website. Also, see the essay in the "Lennon" section. ---copyright: Marc Catone 2010 106439492 Mr. Caterson's 8th Grade Homeroom I was in 8th Grade at Main St School during the 1963/1964 school year. It was during our weekly homeroom spelling test on Friday , November 22, 1963, that Mr. Caterson told us that JFK had been shot (death had not yet been confirmed). A girl named Aura Showah, last on right in bottom row, was instrumental in telling me about the pending arrival of The Beatles in February 1964. Yours truly is pictured second from the right in the second row from the top. Main St School, which had originally been Danbury High School, later became the site of the Danbury Police headquarters, the target of a bomb threat used as a diversion for a downtown bank heist in 1970. Copyright: Marc Catone 2011 114573399 JFK grave and eternal flame Photo taken on a trip to Arlington National Cemetery in 2011. Dark day in Dallas. See my memory of that day in the "New Writings" section of this website copyright: Marc Catone 2013 186399929 The Boss Blues This poster from 1966 features the Boss Blues, one of the best known bands from Danbury CT in the Sixties. They often played at the Elks club, a very popular location for teens to hang out on Friday nights to hear local bands and dance. The Boss Blues had a couple of records out, and appeared on the syndicated "Upbeat" show from Cleveland in the late Sixties The above poster in the photo is from the Boss Blues Facebook page. 111569457 Edith Thor Edith Thor, my English teacher during my sophomore year in high school, 1965-1966. She encouraged my writing when I needed direction. She said to always write about what you believe. Copyright: Marc Catone 2011 125676957 Madras Windbreaker--1965 For reasons known only to the whims of teenagers, during the Autumn of 1965 madras windbreakers became the rage in my hometown of Danbury CT. Since I was becoming a dedicated follower of fashion at the time, I got one at Feinson's, a well known clothing store on the corner of Main and White streets. This photo is the over 45 yr old madras item...and yes, it was bleeding madras when it got wet. Still kinda sorta fits me. 172308793 Marc & Taffee November 1965 Photo taken in the Fall of 1965, with my cocker spaniel, Taffee (1961-1976). I had just finished combing and brushing her, the comb and brush on the left side of the porch. The uniform I wore back then... a maroon "Monkey Jacket", tan wranglers, and penny loafers...I was a "Rah-Rah" wannabee back then. Photo taken on the back porch at Putnam Drive. Copyright: Marc Catone, 2011 121120331 Big White Polka-Dot Shirt--1966 Thanks to the Rock bands, the Lovin' Spoonful and the Young Rascals, shirts with polka-dots became popular in 1966. The photo is my big white polka-dot shirt, bought at Bloomingdales no less. I wore this shirt when I saw The Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1966. I wore it often to school. On the back of the shirt, one dot is filled in with a blue pen thanks to a girl who sat behind me in one of my classes. When I wore this shirt, I thought I was Zal Yanovsky of the Spoonful. I guess it's true that men never get rid of their old clothes. 172308794 Mid-Sixties Sara Looking "cool" circa 1966. Copyright: Marc Catone 2011. 133712359 Taffee & me That dog loved to pose with me. My old cocker spaniel, Taffee (1961-1976), sitting with her "master" on the front porch of 5 Putnam Drive in Danbury in 1966. Love those tight, peg-leg, tan Wranglers, and penny-loafers. I always kept dimes in them, not pennies...just to be different, I guess. Copyright: Marc Catone, 2013 173543810 Hey, psychedelic man My sister and I sitting in the driveway at Putnam Drive in Danbury, circa Summer 1966. Yes, I am wearing granny glasses and a paisley shirt. Sara looks cool in her bangs and shades. Copyright: Marc Catone 2011 121553216 Future Teachers Photo taken from Danbury High School year book in 1966, when I wanted to be a teacher. Originally, I was an Education major in college, but after my Sophomore year at Western CT State U, I changed my mind and switched to Liberal Arts. I'm second from the right in this photo. Copyright: Marc Catone 2010 108967819 Arlo Guthrie--Alice's Restaurant In 1967, I bought the "Alice's Restaurant" album. I brought it to school. We had a student teacher in my senior English class, who let me play it for my classmates. It was a hit. Shortly after the album was over, the bell rang to end our class period. When we exited, we were surprised to see students from other classrooms, who had been standing outside the door listening, still there. So popular, so reflective of the times, it was mass appeal...a "happening" as we used to say back in the day. I've seen Arlo a few times in concert. The last time I saw him, around 2007, I brought my old album with me, and after the show I asked him to sign it. He was most polite listening to my story about the English class hearing it in 1967 (like he hasn't heard thousands of similar tales) and signed the cover of the album. Unfortunately, as you can see in this photo, I wasn't able to scan the entire album front, but Arlo's signature is quite clear. copyright: Marc Catone, 2015 197953486 DHS 1967 Christmas Program--Cover Danbury High School had a very prolific music dept. I played a very minor role as a member of the large School Chorus. Our music director was James Humphreville, a well loved teacher by all. Many of his former students thought the movie, "Mr. Holland's Opus", was based on his life. It wasn't about Humphreville, but the fact that many people thought it to be true showed the powerful influence he had on his pupils' lives. Pictured is the cover of the Christmas program for 1967, my senior year. Copyright: Marc Catone 2011 114573400 DHS 1967 Christmas Program--Pg. 1 Pictured is part of the program list for the 1967 Christmas program (my senior year). I was part of the Chorus. I remember singing "Go Tell It On The Mountain", the other three songs I don't. Our fellow senior classmates,Joe Koch and Jim Patton, accompanied us on piano and guitar respectively. Both, unfortunately, are deceased. Copyright: Marc Catone 2011 114573401 Eugene McCarthy button McCarthy campaign button from 1968. I was a Eugene McCarthy supporter during my senior year of high school. Copyright: Marc Catone, 2011 125860498 1968 Aggregate Year Book The Year Book from my Senior year at Danbury High School. DHS was a brand new school in the Fall of 1964, and my class was the first to complete all four years there in 1968. During our freshman year, there was a contest to come up with a name for the Year Book. One of my freshman classmates, Karen Sullivan, won the contest, naming it the "Aggregate". Not sure if she won anything other than the honor of winning. The 1968 cover was heavily psychedelic. Copyright: Marc Catone, 2010 108380347 Olympic Moment 1968 Tommie Smith's and John Carlos' courageous unifying gesture during the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. Often misinterpreted as anti-American, instead it was a reaffirmation of pride, and a notice to the world that racism still existed. They made a sacrifice which took its toll on them and their families for decades, but they and their actions were validated and vindicated on the 40th anniversary of that moment. 121164888 Biafra button This was a button, circa 1969, worn in support of the Igbo people, who lived in the Southeastern portion of Nigeria. They broke away from Nigeria, and fought a war against that nation for their freedom. Eventually, the war ended in a stalemate with Biafra remaining part of Nigeria. Many nations and notables supported Biafra. There was a student from Biafra at WestConn in Danbury, where I attended classes. He spoke passionately about his country's fight for freedom to my class on African Studies, and distributed the button to me and my classmates. Copyright: Marc Catone 2011 125860500 Vietnam Moratorium button This was the button supporting the Vietnam Moratorium which culminated in a march on Washington on November 15, 1969. I was in my sophomore year of college, and worked locally with my college antiwar group(Western Ct U) in Danbury during the months of October and November. I did not attend the D.C. protest. Copyright: Marc Catone, 2011 125860499 Boycott Lettuce button Political protest button in support of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers boycott of iceberg lettuce in the early 70s. copyrightL Marc Catone, 2011 146120105 Kent State Four Memorial Memorial at Kent State University honoring Jeffrey Miller, Allison Krause, William Schroeder, and Sandra Scheuer, who were killed by the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970. See my article about Kent State in the "Beatles/Sixties Articles" section of this website 107791610 Alan Canfora at Kent State on May 4, 1970 This well-known photo is of student, Alan Canfora, waving a flag not far from kneeling Ohio National Guardsmen at Kent State University on May 4th 1970. Alan was wounded by gunfire from the Guard that afternoon. He has become one of the leading authorities on the Kent State Massacre. His website is listed in the "Links" section of this website. See my article about Kent State in the "Beatles/Sixties Articles" section of this website. 107791606 Altered state of consciousness 1971 Title says it all. ;-) copyright: Marc Catone 2016 200778860 Students for McGovern Photo taken of George Macri (on the right with glasses and mustache) and yours truly ( on the left, long hair and beardless). I was the Student coordinator for Students for McGovern on the WestConn campus. George was in the WestConn Young Democrats. We posed at a table we manned near the campus bookstore in the Student Union. At the time we were signing up students to travel to New Hampshire for participation in the presidential primary there. Photo taken by fellow classmate, the late Jim Dyer, who went on to be Mayor of Danbury in the 70s and 80s. Copyright: Marc Catone, 2013 198890395 Marc & Donna I met my wife, Donna DiRienzo, when we campaigned for George McGovern in the New Hampshire primary of March 1972. We were watching the Spring Weekend parade at WestConn in this photo.. Tinted in a reddish hue, the photo was taken by fellow classmate, the late Jim Dyer (later he was Mayor of Danbury). That's me, bottom left, holding hands with Donna who is facing me. In the foreground is the lovely Diane (Houle) Devine, Donna's roommate, and a year later the Maid of Honor at our wedding. Copyright: Marc Catone 2013 180496419 McGovern campaign button I was the head of my college's "Students for McGovern" during the 1971/1972 school year(my senior year). I recruited students to work for McGovern in the New Hampshire primary of March 1972. My future wife, Donna DiRienzo, was one of those students. Yep, that's how we met. Copyright: Marc Catone 2011 125860501 Draft Card-Vietnam Era This was the second Selective Service (Draft) classification card I received. It was issued in 1972. By then the Draft Lottery had taken place, and student deferments ended. I was fortunate to receive a high-end number, and therefore was reclassified in 1972 as 1-H which meant "Registrant Not Subject to Processing for Induction. Registrant is not subject to processing for induction until a draft is enacted. All current registrants are classified 1-H until they reach the age of exemption. They then receive the classification of 5-A.". On my original Draft Card, I was classified "1-S", student deferment. copyright: Marc Catone, 2011 143134490 Draft Card-Vietnam Era-backside Backside notice on my Draft Card classification form from 1972. copyright: Marc Catone,2011 143135138 "Save Lennon" button In the mid-70s I worked with others to gather names on petitions asking the US government to drop deportation actions against John Lennon. This was a button given out at the time...copyright: Marc Catone 2010 107791607 Harry Nilsson at Beatlefest 1982 Photo of the late Harry Nilsson autographing his album, "Pussy Cats", for me (at right) at the Beatlefest in 1982 at Rye NY. The album was produced by John Lennon. Nilsson was at the Beatlefest as a spokesman for a handgun control advocacy group. copyright: Marc Catone 2010 107791608 Pussycats Album autographed by Nilsson This is the "PussyCats" album that Harry Nilsson autographed for me in 1982 at the Beatlefest in Rye NY. John Lennon produced the album. Nilsson's autograph is on the left. The John Lennon signature on the right was pre-printed on the album cover.---copyright: Marc Catone 2010 107793268 Cynthia Lennon autographed photo My wife, Donna, and I attended a Beatles Convention in Stamford CT in December 1994 where we met Cynthia Lennon. She was a most gracious guest, and autographed photos for many fans. This is the photo of John Lennon and her from 1964 that Cynthia autographed for Donna. Copyright: Marc Catone, 2012 146120595 Cynthia Lennon autographed ticket This is a ticket that Cynthia Lennon autographed for me at a Beatles Convention held in Stamford CT in 1994. She was the main guest at that convention. Copyright: Marc Catone, 2013 173359553 Abbie Hoffman quote on button Partial quote from the late Abbie Hoffman at a college campus in 1989. Abbie was helping students organize against campus recruitment by the CIA. I bought the button in 1992. For the full Hoffman quote, and my article about Abbie Hoffman, click on the "Beatles/Sixties Articles" tab, and scroll down till you find it. Also, under "Videos" watch Hoffman talk about John Lennon during the immediate aftermath of the latter's death. Copyright: Marc Catone 2010 108841415 Tom Hayden letter With the recent passing of Sixties hero and icon, Tom Hayden, I was reminded of a short exchange of letters I had with him in 1997. I wrote to Hayden, then a California Senate member about his book, "The Lost Gospel of the Earth: A Call for Renewing Nature, Spirit and Politics". He answered me back with this letter. I had almost forgotten how many books he wrote, including one that will come out posthumously about the Vietnam Peace Movement called "Hell No: The Forgotten Power of the Vietnam Peace Movement". He was a very principled man who influenced many people from his SDS Port Huron statement in 1962 until present. A gentle soul who spoke the truth...demanded it in fact. Many people forget that in 1967 Tom went to North Vietnam and brought home three American P.O.W.s. He just wanted to stop that did most of us. 203187444 Human Peace Symbol OK, this didn't take place during the Sixties, but it shows the ever popular peace symbol, widely used during the Sixties, in human form. Aerial photograph of this human peace symbol formation was taken at the Ithaca Festival in June 2008 at Stewart Park in Ithaca NY. They were trying for a world's record on the number of people in the symbol...not sure if the record was broken. Donna and I are standing in the lower half of the left spoke. What do you mean you can't see us? ;-) Photo taken by Jon Reis for the Ithaca Journal 107791609 New York Mets 1962 Ticket 50th anniversary of the New York Mets is in 2012. I was a fan from the beginning, at age 11. My father took me to the Polo Grounds to see the Mets play on Sunday, August 5, 1962. Miraculously, in a season where they lost 120 games, the Mets won this game, 5-2, against the Cincinnati Reds.The first game of a double-header. We didn't stay for the second game(which the Mets lost). Al Jackson was the pitcher who won the game. Note: This game was played on the same day that Marilyn Monroe died. We heard about her death on the car radio as we drove from Danbury to the Polo Grounds. Copyright: Marc Catone, 2011. 143135953 New York Mets 1962 Ticket-backside Back side of Mets 1962 ticket. Notice how much it cost to get another ticket if a hole had been punched through it. Copyright: Marc Catone, 2011. 143135954 New York Mets 1963 Ticket My father took my sister, Sara, and me to see the New York Mets during their second season in 1963. This game was on Weds, August 14th. In another losing season, the Mets actually won this game, 4-2, against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Al Jackson was the pitcher who won the game. Copyright: Marc Catone, 2011 143135955 Asheville Drum Circle Happens every Friday night in Asheville NC, capturing the hippie mood of the Sixties. This photo taken on June 15, 2012 when Donna and I were visiting friends who live in the area. Copyright: Marc Catone, 2012 162486425 Carol Crimi smooches dolphin Our dear late friend, Carol Iannacone Crimi, lived a dream she had for many swim with the dolphins. Here is a photo of her smooching one of the dolphins she swam with. Thanks to her cousins Lisa & David DeMaio for this photo. copyright: Marc Catone, 2013 179291367 Carol Crimi swimming with dolphin Our late friend, Carol Iannacone Crimi, pursued her dream of swimming with the dolphins. All of her friends and relatives are so happy that she was able to do this. Thanks to her cousins Lisa & David DeMaio for this photo. copyright: Marc Catone, 2013 179291368 Kevin Javillonar 1950-2013 My friend, Kevin, died on January 17, 2013. Kevin is in the red shirt in this photo, the other guy is yours truly. The occasion was our 40th high school reunion in 2008. Please go to the "In Memoriam" section of my website to read a tribute to Kevin. 173148560 Lura Hastings Lane (Sr Lura Grace) My friend and email buddy, Sr. Lura Grace, passed away on July 14, 2013. A remarkable of a kind. Read my remembrance of her in the "In Memoriam" section of this website 182211884 The Fifth Beatle Recently discovered photos of The Beatles from 50 years ago reveal the identity of the elusive Fifth Beatle . copyright: Marc Catone, 2014 194228476 Fidel Castro visits America Back in the late 1960s, on an off-day from addressing the General Assembly at the UN, Cuban president Fidel Castro visited the Catone household to see what a typical American family was like. He stayed for about 30 mins, my father told him jokes, and then he left. We still have the cigar Castro gave us as a present. Pretty amazing day all in all. copyright: Marc Catone, 2014 194341782 Art DiRienzo-1923-2015 My very talented father-in-law, Art DiRienzo, died on January 25, 2015. He loved the guitar, played often, and taught dozens of kids how to play during the 1960s and 1970s. One of a kind, always cheerful. I loved him like a father. This photo taken in 2009 when he was asked to be a troubadour at a wedding. 197325443 UFO sighting location--early 60s This is a modern day photo of the location in Danbury CT where my sister, Sara, and I witnessed a UFO in the summer of either 1961 or 1962. Go to my home page and click on "UFO" for the story. Copyright: Marc Catone, 2016. 200925273